About the National Parents’ Committee for Kindergartens

The National Parents’ Committee for Kindergartens (FUB) is a national committee for parents with children in kindergarten. FUB was established in 2010 and is founded on Section 11-9 of the Norwegian Education Act.

The current committee was appointed on december 20, 2019 for a period of four years (2020-2023). It consists of seven parents from different parts of Norway. The current leader is Einar Olav Larsen. FUB’s administration consists of ten employees and is based in Bø in Vestfold and Telemark.

Who is FUB?

FUB guides both parents and kindergarten employees in questions that concern the children’s everyday life in the kindergarten.

FUB´s role

FUB’s role is to:

  • Ensure a strong partnership between kindergartens and families
  • Set the agenda and make sure that the voices of parents are heard in debates regarding kindergarten policy
  • Safeguard the interests of parents
  • Distribute information on how home-kindergarten partnership works
  • Distribute information on how parents can support their children during their time in kindergarten

What FUG does

FUB’s main tasks are to:

  • Give advice and guidance to parents with children in kindergarten
  • Act as the Ministry of Education and Researchs advisory and consultative body representing parents interests
  • Make publications that are useful to both parents and kindergarten employees (these can be downloaded from www.foreldreutvalgene.no)
  • Help parents by providing information and advice on their rights and ability to get involved at a local level
  • Provide up to date information through www.foreldreutvalgene.no

How to get in touch with us

E-post: post@fubhg.no
Telefon: +47 477 99 200

Beate Darrud

Beate is an advisor with the National Parents’ Committee for Kindergartens (FUB).the National Parents’ Committee for Kindergartens

Beate Darrud


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